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Profile of Prescott Visitors

We now know a lot more about people who visit Prescott thanks to an updated Prescott Visitor Study. The study was done by Northern Arizona University and closely follows a 2009 study asking most of the same questions as the new study. A total of 1,218 surveys were collected over a one-year period of time. Many of the surveys were done at the Chamber’s Visitor Center. Out-of-state visitors made up almost two-thirds of the visitors that completed the survey. 32% were from Arizona and 7% were international visitors. 58% of those surveyed had been to Prescott on an earlier trip, suggesting that visitors liked their earlier experience here enough to come back for one or more times. Two-thirds stayed overnight at least one night, while the average stay was an impressive 3.5 days. What did visitors do while they were in Prescott? Historic downtown Prescott was the number one attraction for nearly two thirds of visitors, while 63% specifically mentioned dining at the many restaurants here. 40% of visitors mentioned the City’s hiking trails as a draw. Where do our visitors come from? Amazingly, the surveys reached a total of 48 states. The most out-of-state visitors came from states such as California, Wisconsin, Florida, Washington and Illinois. For many, Prescott was the primary destination, but visitors passing through Prescott were on the way to Sedona, the Grand Canyon or Phoenix. 76% of those surveyed said they were staying in a local hotel or motel. Others were camping or visiting friends or family in the area. Most importantly, those who visited Prescott enjoyed their stay here. Visitor satisfaction was nine on a scale of 1 – 10. Visitors were older than the average state visitor (56.9 years of age versus 45.1 years), but the average annual household income of Prescott visitors was an impressive $104,000 while the state average was much lower ($70,380). Putting it all together, Prescott visitors are older, affluent couples on leisure vacations, who stay overnight, visit museums, dine out and hike!