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Cleanest Air? Prescott!

For the second year in a row, Prescott has the cleanest air in the United States according to the American Lung Association. The complete title is “cleanest U. S. city for year-round particle pollution,” and Prescott has continued to lead the nation in the 2015 ranking. Also in the top ten cleanest cities list is Flagstaff in fifth place. The bottom ten with the worst particle pollution included six cities in California.

The report from the American Lung Association also listed the ten most ozone polluted cities. Five California cities again topped the list, and the Phoenix metropolitan area came in tenth on that list. All together, the Long Association says that four in ten Americans are breathing unhealthy air. The western U. S. actually has the perfect conditions for particle pollution—high temperatures and drought, but Prescott still maintains the top position in the country for clean air.

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